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Bell V280 Tilt Rotor

Posted: May 13th, 2017, 2:59 am
by Jeff Carneal
Maybe I can finally get that powered lift rating now :D


Bell Helicopter’s new tilt-rotor design, the V-280 Valor, is about 95 percent complete and will likely fly for the first time in September, the company says. Bell displayed a full-size mock-up of the V-280 last week at the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. The V-280 is designed to fly at speeds up to 280 knots, carry a crew of four plus up to 14 troops, and cover a range of up to 800 NM. It’s under development at the company’s facility in Amarillo, Texas. The company is competing against Sikorsky/Boeing’s SB-1 Defiant for a military contract to produce the aircraft. The Army is expected to select one of the two designs by 2019... ... 942-1.html