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ALL OTHERS...please read these guidelines/rules for posting.

Posted: January 2nd, 2017, 2:37 pm
by Jeff Snyder
Generally speaking, it is considered bad form to "stomp" on someone's advertisement and, therefore, such practice will not be permitted in the Peddler Talk forum.

What's stomping? It is basically the posting of a comment that negatively impacts the original poster's advertisement. It can often relate to the quality of the item or the price. Therefore, starting immediately, please refrain from posting any negative comments about a listed item in this forum, including negative commentary about the item, the price of the item, or other (perhaps cheaper) sources for the item.

In all fairness, this also relates to positive comments on pricing--we can't prohibit one and allow the other. Therefore, discussion regarding pricing in general is not permitted--however, it is permitted elsewhere on Volo.

Thanks for your help. :thumbup: