BeechTalk users ask, from time to time, how they can help BeechTalk. We at BeechTalk are big fans of, and it turns out Amazon has an affiliate program which pays a small commission to sites like BeechTalk that promote their products and services through pages just like this one.

So here's how it works... If you buy something from Amazon using the search form on this page, you will pay the same price you always paid for the product on, but Amazon will give BeechTalk a small portion of the proceeds. So if you want to help BeechTalk, please bookmark this page and make all your Amazon purchases through it. And, you know, it wouldn't hurt to tell your friends and family too!

To get started, simply type in the product you wish to search for in the search box below, and if you buy it, Amazon will handle the rest for us both.

FIREFOX USERS NOTE:You may need to turn off the "Enhanced Tracking Protection" enabled by default in your browser to see the search box below. You will find it at the top of the screen just to the left of your location bar.


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